Monday, September 7, 2009


Bear with me people, I'm still very sick. And considering how crazy last night was for me I'm not getting better any time soon. lol. So enjoy this post about pets while I am extremely medicated!

Man oh man the pros and cons of being either a dog person or a cat person. Personally I am a dog person. I guess it's the companionship. Dog truly is man's best friend. They do nothing but look up to you. They want attention, they like to play, but they can't really take care of themselves without you. And that's a definite con. I can't leave my dog alone for too long (be it vacation or even just a long day at work) unless I know that someone can watch him. I feel bad because my dog has been seriously trained to not go to the bathroom in the house, so if I am gone for a long period of time and can't get someone to walk him, then the poor guy is just going to hold it in a suffer. And I hate that, mainly because I have the bladder of an infant and can totally feel my dogs pain. Heh

One of these days I'm seriously going to run out of Haruhi and Lucky Star pictures that fit my blogs.

Cats on the other hand are completely independent. Teach the little guy to use a litterbox and you are set! My main problem with cats is that most of them are a little too independent! They just don't give you the attention that a dog does. Dogs want to play, cats wanna chill.

Given that I am a huge animal lover I think I've reached the age in which I'm going to turn into a cat person. I'm not saying right now, obviously, but a few years down the road when (Haruhi forbid) my dog Kenobi passes on and haunts me as a Jedi spirit, I think I'll get some cats. I NEED animals in my house. I've had pets my entire life. So if I think I was to have a few cats running around my house I'd be pretty set. I like birds too but I kind of have the feeling I'd end up picking the really loud retarded one that won't shut up and it's incessant chirping would drive me mad.

lol wow! I was just about to end this post but my dog just threw up. And the funny thing is that he always does it in the exact same place! Right at the top of the staircase to our loft. I don't know if he does it there because I'm always at the computer and at that angle I can't see him vomit and he's embarrassed OR if it's because he hates me and wants me to step in it when I get up in the morning. Could my own dog be plotting against me?

I have to wonder...

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