Saturday, September 12, 2009

So little gaming with so much time!

Strike that, reverse it.

There are way too many video games that need to be played recently. So much so that I think I'm actually going to forget some in this post. I sometimes have a habit of getting into a game and then have a new one come out and completely forget about the first game. I will eventually go back to the first game, obviously, because I can't leave a game unfinished but it's still a terrible habit. But I'm not going to let that happen this time. Right now I'm still playing Final Fantasy X-2. Sadly I'm only 32 hours into and 48% complete. I am going to finish this game before I move onto the next one. I have to. Since I never made a New Years Resolution back in January, I will make it now in September. I will finish games before I move onto the next one. If you see me post on Twitter or Facebook that I'm playing something other than FFX-2, call me out on it. But one must be asking themselves now, what other games could I possibly be playing right now? Well lets take a look see...

First I have to mention Batman: Arkham Asylum. It is getting amazing reviews. I had been waiting for this game for a real long time. I remember back in May GameStop had signs up for it's release in June! I was so excited I went in to pre-order it. The girl at the counter then informed me that they just found out THAT VERY DAY that Batman was being pushed back til the end of August. After having my heart torn out of my chest I left the store leaving a trail of blood and tears. August was way to far away. I decide in the meantime to play Infamous, which I didn't finish yet, sorry Sean (not me, my friend is also named Bort, I mean Sean). I didn't finish it because then I got the Ghostbusters game and in all fairness I've been waiting basically my whole life to play a Ghostbusters game that truly captures the feel of the movies. Once that was done instead of going back to Infamous I went to Final Fantasy X. A game I started a few months back but didn't finish (notice a trend here?) After I beat FFX I went to FFX-2 and here we are again. Batman has been out for several weeks now and I refuse to buy it until X-2 is done.

Did I mention both Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are doing the voices of Batman and Joker?! If you didn't watch the Batman Animated Series this probably means nothing to you...

But wait, there's more!

Little did I know that another comic book related game was just on the horizon. I made sure not too read to much about it online because this is the game I was super excited about and if I read too much about it I wouldn't be able to sleep, eat, or be coherent at work until it came out. I'm talking, OF COURSE, about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. It's coming out in 2 days!! Sweet Jebus. But even though Batman came out first I'm definitely going to have to get Ultimate Alliance first. I'm a Marvel guy first and foremost! There is a reason Spider-man is the centerpiece of both game covers!

Take out Thor and Reed and put in Deadpool and TBD and you basically have my team. Spidey and Daredevil FTW!

Now to the DS games. I think I love my DSi as much as I love my PS3. They are both unbelievable in their own way. DSi rocks the RPG department to no end and anyone who knows me knows how much I love the RPG's. And they got some good ones coming out.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story just came out to amazing reviews! It's not a surprise that this game is also RPG related. I like! This game is apparently the 3rd in a series of Mario and Luigi games. The first was on Gameboy Advance which I don't know. But Mario and Luigi: Partners in the is on the DS. That means I'm going to have to play it because it also got amazing reviews back in 2005.

Soooo many games....

Now back to PS3. I've have read such AMAZING reviews of the fighting game BlazBlue but often put fighting games to the side because most of my friends only like certain fighting games (read: old school) or I play the new games online and get absolutely raped. But after reading Low on Hit Points review of BlazBlue I am definitely going to have to pick this game up at some point.

Well thats it for right now. As predicted there are several games I did not even get to mention. Heh.

What games are you all playing??

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