Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey all!

I have to apologize again for the absence. First of all I was on vacation for 5 days. I think my first night in Pittsburgh is when I posted my Then it was 5 awesome days of hanging out with friends and drinking! Normally when I go visit my friends in Pitt I usually see the same few people. But this time I got to see several old friends that I honestly had not seen since I moved back home in 2005. I had an amazing time and I'll hopefully be going to visit a lot more often than I have been.

But when I got home on Monday I was treated with walking in the door to my house as a sauna. My brother told me that the AC was broken. To me, that is a nightmare. I live off of my AC, and the whole time I was in Pittsburgh I had no AC. My friends bought a fan that was pretty damn sweet and that enabled me to sleep well while on my vacation. In the back of my mind, I was so excited to be able to come back home and sleep in my bed and cold ass house. Boy was I in for a surprise.

I CANNOT sleep in the heat. I just can't. I toss and turn like an infant that needs to urinate. It's quite sad.

I ended up getting no sleep the night before I had a 9 hour shift at work. Halfway through the work day I was barely able to stand and was a tad delirious. I remember spending several minutes trying to lock up the store when we closed, only to notice I was using my house key to do so.

Normally I don't need much sleep but I think that coupled with the fact that I slept on a couch in Pittsburgh and was partying so much, I didn't get a lot of rest those 5 days. So I was ZONKED at work. It was terrible. But did I have a great time? Hell yeah! So it was totally worth it. Plus, since my AC is broken I ended up going to Home Depot and buying the exact same fan my Pitt friends bought. It's pretty sweet!

I'm going to see The Hangover tomorrow which is supposed to be amazingly funny. Can't wait.


Alyson said...

Did you ever get your AC fixed? And how was Kenobi dealing with the extended heat?

You guys can come over to my place and use me for my AC, if need be! I know how you feel! It's so humid here in Maryland - it's hard to adjust.

Seantaku said...

It's humid in Maryland to you? Didn't you live in Hawaii for half a decade? lol

How would you feel about me and Kenobi crashing on your floor? :-)