Wednesday, June 17, 2009

*insert quick blog here*

I wanted to throw this in real quick since it just happened about 20 minutes ago. It's funny, I wanted to go to the grocery store to get some food, then come home to eat and finish my 2 Bad Neighbors blog. Then I have an incident at the self checkout and am given more material to write about. I think I'm going to dedicate certain sections of this blog to "The Self Checkout" and "The RedBox" since someone always seems to surprise me while there. Like an ongoing series. "Sean at the RedBox #24"

So anyways, as I was ringing my stuff up this couple stood behind me in line. And I mean RIGHT behind me, like they were trying to rush me somehow. That's when I played dumb and slowed all my movements and pretended to look for bar codes on my products *yuck yuck* Usually there is a kid bagging your stuff for you so by the time your done you can grab your food and leave but it was pretty busy tonight so I had to bag everything myself. As I'm doing so these people are start scanning their stuff. I still have a lot of stuff to pack and their milk comes down the belt and knocks all my stuff down. This woman looks completely shocked as if her stuff was going to magically veer off to the side and position itself neatly in the corner away from my stuff.

Woman: I'm so sorry! (Grabs her milk and puts it off to the side)
Me: It's fine, it's fine (In an obviously frustrated tone)

In my anger I pack up the rest of my stuff and throw it in my bag. I also accidentally grab their milk! We both happened to get the same bottle of Skim Milk. I start to walk away and she yells "HEY! You took my milk!"

I was about to mouth off to her until I realized that I actually did have their milk! But did I feel stupid for doing so? Not at all!

So I said to the couple "That's why we wait for someone to finishing bagging, so things like this don't happen" They basically just proved my point entirely. If you're going to scan your shit so fast it gets grouped in with the person in front of you, IT'S GOING TO GET MIXED TOGETHER. Lesson learned you dummies, I'm glad I was of assistance! I'm half your age and apparently have a lot more common sense than you.

Here is a fun diagram I have slaved over for your viewing pleasure.


Michael Flux said...

Hahahah, awesome :D thanks for the laugh sir :D

Seantaku said...

Glad I can help buddy!

Fuck that GoDaddy shit!

Alyson said...

lawl, thanks for giving us the diagram in case there was a blog reader here who could not envision a Self Check Out collision.

It happens to me all the time. More so in Hawaii because they didn't have as many people working and there are elderly people who don't bag their things as quickly.

Normally, I just wait for the other person to finishing bagging before I start. Which is, in my opinion, what this woman should have done. Given that she didn't - I saw she knowingly ran the risk that your things would get mixed in with hers. And therefore there was no reason so feel even the slightest bit sorry for accidentally grabbing her milk.

Seantaku said...

@ Alyson

YES! You know exactly what I'm talking about.

I will make it my business to invite you to hang out with me when I need to grocery shop and you can see first hand the shit I have to deal with. It's gonna be great!