Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Letters From Rehab #1

While I was in rehab I had planned to write back home to my friends as often as I could. Once I became aware of just how busy they kept us in rehab I kept putting it off. So instead I wrote a journal of sorts which I would compile into a big letter to send my friends. Since I have been expressing myself more openly lately about my sobriety I thought it might be fun to share some, if not all, of the letters. Instead of typing them all up at once I figured I'd share a few "entries" every few days or so. The damn thing is 11 pages long so I doubt anyone would sit through the whole thing at once.

These are unedited. Spelling errors, slang, and all. I can't even quote Simpsons properly which saddens me.

And with that, I give you Rehab Sean...

NOTE: If I repeat things it's cuz I've been writing over several days.

Dear Toolbags,

I hope this letter finds you well. I will never have to see hell because I have been to Kamp Krusty.

Just kidding. But in all honesty please forgive my handwriting because I'm still going through detox. My hands are still a bit shaky but it was MUCH worse the first day. I'm still getting Valuum which is rad. Day 1 I spent 18 hours in a room alone with no technology at all. And I mean NOTHING. The only reading material I had was the bible. It was a fantastic 18 hours...

Day 2 still in detox but I was able to finally go outside granted I was in a wheelchair and under supervision at all times. Gee fun fun. Good news is I was feeling better. Later once I had enough energy I was able to wander on my own. I was in no mood to talk to anyone and just sat by a lake a stared. (Side note, just now this dude came to my door to check to see if I was in my room because it's "Lock Down." Mind you, it's 10 fucking 30! Lights go out at 11) You also can't bring in outside electronics so no Nintendo DS, ipod, NOT EVEN my books and magazines! You can imagine the insanity it's been for me.

11/12/11 Day 3 (today) Woke up feeling much better. I was able to go off on my own. And since I didn't feel like shit I went off in search for some friends. And I found a bunch. It was also the first day of my class. That's right, 6am-10pm is all work with few breaks for food and down time. I even have homework. Gyuuuuuhhhh....

They have plenty of activities, none of which I care about (basketball, vollyball, horseshoes). So me and my new friends sit and watch the "jocks" act gay and laugh at them. Also, no one told me I would be staying at a place with recovering convicts! I swear! lol But it's cool, they have their own little area to chill (the floor under mine). But to be serious, as of today things have gotten so much better. Also, I don't have my cell phone so I the only number I have is my aunts. I can't make a call til tomorrow so all have her forward the message to you so I can get ur address and actually mail this thing to you guys.

Fuck, time for lights out (11:00). Talk to you guys soon!

                                                                                                           The Hat

P.S. They set alarms on the doors at 11:00 so I can't escape! ha ha ha

It's bizarre going back and reading these. My friends were happy to read that I was able to keep my sense of humor through all this. Reading it now there's stuff I want to edit and change but that would take away from this. This isn't just for me. This is for anyone reading who feels they have a problem too.

So that's all for now. Probably post another one tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed...


bluedrakon said...

If not for our Humor, Insanity would soon ensue. At least that is how I look at things and it seemed to work for you fine.

Depending on how long these are - maybe a book is in order and a book tour to boot. I don't think I have seen anything in first person perspective and may be a worthwhile idea.

My wife is always trying to get me to write a book - Title would be "Things not to say to your Friends, Spouse or significant Other". I am always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and makes for a good laugh at times.

Looking forward to the next post :D

Seantaku said...

Funny you should mention that. When ever I get the urge to drink I usually distract myself with writing.

Not so much on the blog, but personal writing about my thoughts, feelings, and the whole experience. A part of me hopes, one day, I could turn it into a book of sorts.