Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This is why I love the internet. Last week a friend of mine was retweeting an obsessed Justin Beiber fan on Twitter. This girl is an absolute riot. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is not a jab at her liking Justin Beiber, I'm just posting this because it's hilarious and at times, even a bit scary.

If I had to choose between killing my family or Justin Bieber, I would probably kill my family... 

Justin Bieber is much bigger than Kurt Cobain, so shut up. Did Kurt Cobain ever have the biggest fanbase on Twitter? NO.

My World, My World 2.0, Believe and Miley Cyrus' I Can't Be Tamed are the only iconic albums released in the last 10 years. RIP music.

Believe is a masterpiece and if you think any album by Michael Jackson is better than Believe, you're delusional.

WHO THE FUCK EVEN IS KURT COBAIN? Stop spamming me, idiots. As if you even knew who Kurt Cobain was before Bieber mentioned him... -__-

LOL at people saying Freddie Mercury was a great role model and Bieber is not. You know Freddie was gay and had AIDS right?

Kurt Cobain (some rock singer) died in 1994, the same year Justin Bieber was born. RT if you think Bieber is Kurt reincarnated!

I love Michael Jackson, but saying Michael was bigger than Justin Bieber is now just makes you look dumb.

This is why I HATE Kurt Cobain and his flop band. So fucking unprofessional, I'm happy you died! 

And that's only a handful of her posts. But that was last week. Turns out word has spread and now shit is intense.

Somebody leaked my number. I'm getting tons of texts. Great, gotta change my number and my dad will probably kill me. http://yfrog.com/kjlx5pp

I'm trending in Singapore, they hate me. They suck! :)

I have to deal with e-mails like this EVERY DAY. Thank God my swag can handle it! I get more fan-mail anyway :)     http://yfrog.com/hsi8fzcp

And then my personal favorites. I'm not religious by any means but wow...

Jesus ain't real. If he was, cancer wouldn't exist. Bieber is real and he donates money to cancer funds all the time. Such a hero <3

I hope Illuminati are real so they can kill all the brainwashed Christians and muslims in the world. They just spread hate anyway

Christians really annoy me. The Bible is some science fiction shit about a fag with superpowers. HOW can people even believe it's real?

Great, now religious people are mad. GOD IS NOT REAL. Idiots. If he was, then explain why cancer and poverty exists?

God doesn't care about starving kids in Africa, or people with cancer. Justin visits hospitals and donates money to help them. Who's better?

All in all, in a few years, this poor girl is going to be a complete mess. I'm embarrassed of some of the shit I liked when I was 13, but I didn't broadcast it online for the whole world to see. And while I don't give two shits about Beiber, I'm interested to know what he thinks about deranged fans such as this.


bluedrakon said...

It is scary how much crap is said now on the internet. Social networking is going to be the bane of the younger generation.

Can't wait for them to go for a job interview and they have to explain the bong in their hand on their FB page or internet search - LOL

Seantaku said...

Hahahaha! Right?

Luckily I dont have to worry about that stuff myself anymore due to sober life.