Monday, September 12, 2011


Has it really been 4 months? Wow...

This pic has nothing to do with the blog. It just makes me laugh...

I never would have thought I would have lasted this long without going insane. And ironically it not because of alcohol. As long as I dont taste it Iĺl be fine. Its going this long without internet, playstation, being able to watch the shows I wanna watch. etc...

Since I get up so fuggin early these days I come into work about an hour early to use the internet. Though the time is brief it is enough to satisfy my undying thirst for social networking, blogging, and reading up on video games I probably wont be able to play til the end of the year.

This Friday not only marks the release of The Star Wars Complete Saga on Bluray, but also the hour long season 4 premiere of The Clone Wars. Oh yes. Sadly I dont have access to my Bluray player and I seriously doubt Im gonna be able to get the TV on Friday nights to watch a fucking cartoon. lol I had someone taping True Blood for me this season so maybe sheĺl also hook me up with some Clone Wars action.

I desperately want to get back into writing and one of my favorite things to do was write Clone Wars reviews for Fanboy Comics! If I cant get the episodes taped for me Im pretty sure they have them on the Website the day after they air so I can watch them before work.

I had one of those funny moments the other day where I had a random flashback to college. There was this girl Kimberly Clark who I was seeing for probably 2 or 3 days before my freshman year started. But her name kept haunting me. It was driving me up the wall. Where the hell had I heard that name before? Or was my mind just tricking me into thinking I did?

Nope, Im completely sane. The other day the name was staring me right in the face in the mens room. Kimberly Clark is the name of the toilet paper dispensers you see in rest rooms across the country. Poor girl has sick parents. Giving her a name people associate with making doodie.

I just now yelled at my co-worker for looking over my shoulder and reading my post as I was typing. Which is ironic considering the blog is open for anyone around the world to read and yet I throw a fit when he reads over my shoulder. Though the circumstances are different. I dont like my personal space invaded. Why would someone think thats a good idea anyway? Whatever. Its early and Im in a mood.

Welp time to get back to work!

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bluedrakon said...

Hopefully time provides more space for ya soon. I feel the crunch sometimes as my wife says I spend too much time on the computer at home.

Usually just blogging and catching up on anime show, but still all night anyway.

Keep looking ahead as there is nothing behind you except a dust cloud.