Thursday, September 15, 2011

The ¨Nooooo¨ heard round the world...

As someone who is well known for taking a particular interest in The Star Wars Saga, it´s no surprise that when any sort of Star Wars news pops up I am slammed with a barrage of questions. Obviously the big news is that, finally, the complete saga is coming to Blu Ray tomorrow and who wouldn´t be stoked about that?!

Well apparently a lot of people.

Yes George has yet again altered the films and holy shit are fans pissed. No matter what I say about these changes people are just going to throw it in my face, say I´m not a real fan, that Im just sticking up for Lucas, and blah blah blah. So what I am going to do is just lay it out there. I dont care if you dont like the changes. This is my opinion. If it bothers you, oh well.

I consider myself a die hard fan. I know 10 times more about the movies than 90% of the people that say it in theaters before I was even born so I i have pretty good grasp on the subject. So lets start with the big one first. Lucas added in Vader´s infamous ¨Noooooo¨ to the end of Return of the Jedi. Now I have watched this clip a thousand times over and it really doesnt bother me. This wont surprise most people because they believe that I will like Star Wars no matter what is done to it. Which is a complete load.

Did Lucas need to add the Nooo? No he didnt. Do I know why he did? Yeah I think I have a pretty good idea. After listening to Jimmy Mac on The ForceCast he basically said almost everything that I had been thinking. So lets break it down shall we?

Fist of all Vader says No twice. First very low and slow, then the loud crazy one. I REALLY dig the first one. As hes slowly coming to the realization of whats happening. To me, in the original him just standing there in silence felt a bit awkward to me. But i still loved it cause it made you wonder what exactly was going through his head. Now he just flat out screams in rage.

But why?

Prepare for geek overload. The moment Anakin Skywalker truly dies is when Palpatine basically tells him that he has killed the one person he loved most in the galaxy. Anakin Skywalkers last words were literally ¨Noooo¨. This is where Anakin dies and Vader lives. Flash forward to Jedi and we have Palpatine lighting up Lukeś ass as Vader watches. Heres Luke, Vaders own son and probably the ONLY connection between him and the only woman he ever loved, dying right in front of him. When he starts saying NO this is the hints of Anakin truly coming back. Thats why the words have such significance. Lucas didnt just throw it in for shits and giggles. It has purpose. It has meaning. So just think about it.

There are a lot of haters out there when it comes to Lucas and Star Wars. You know, for something you say you love so much you sure do fucking bitch and moan a lot about it. How much does these changes affect you, really? And I mean REALLY? Is it enough to lose sleep over?

-Ewoks now blink? So you mean they now dont look like possesed stuffed animals? Ok thats fine with me.

-Lightsabers have been refined? Wait, so in A New Hope when Kenobi moves his lightsaber slightly to the left Im not going be able to briefly see the crappy rod Alec Guinness is actually holding? Well damn. Most people probably dont even know what Im talking about.

-They added a Dug into Jabbas Palace? Ive honestly read in the past ¨Dont u think its funny that theres all these new species of aliens in the prequel films that we never see in the original films? Why is that?¨ So when Lucas does something about it by adding a Dug into the mix people flip out on him for building continuity. How DARE he!

This is what it all boils down to. Most people hate because they are looking for an excuse to be angry. People fear change. Always have and always will. Do any of these changes really bother you that much? Is it honestly the end of the fucking world like people make it up to believe?

In my eyes, no. And you know what, when the movies come out on Blu Ray I am going to sit down and enjoy every moment of them in HIGH DEF, with amazing surround sound and picture. Its going to be absolutely beautiful.

People boycotting the Blu Rays because of these changes is mind boggling to me. Your going to sacrifice amazing picture quality and sound over some alterations. I feel sorry for you, honestly. Fandom is about FUN! And all this complaining takes the fun out of it. Being a fan isnt a chore, or having to ¨put up with something¨. Its about being passionate about something you love.

But hey, thats just me...

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bluedrakon said...

I watch Star Wars when it first came out in 1977 at a movie theater and then with my family at a drive in.

Am I happy he messed with the original, well not really. Will that stop me from watching the new version, not really either.

Lucas always said that he did the 'upgrades' to things he really wanted in the movie, but at the time could do at the time.

Not sure I will get the blu-ray set as the $$ are steep, but may after the price drops.