Thursday, August 4, 2011

Still going strong...

Hello all. I'm still going strong here. My computer access is extremely limited but today is my day off and I figured I'd swing by the library for a quick blog post.

Not having my computer with me at all times is definitely the hardest part of this whole situation. There's are dozens of times a day where I have so much I want to type out or blog about but I just don't have the time to get to the library.

As for life in recovery it's been fantastic. Alcohol has been the last thing on my mind for months. My head is clear, I'm up early every day, been exercizing a lot, and just feel all around amazing. My only problem has nothing to do with alcohol. It's not having the internet at my disposal at all times. Not being able to watch the things I want to on TV. The ability to watch a movie in complete silence without a barrage of room mate induced commentary pointing out every minute detail that flashes across the screen. Such details as The Hulk punching The Abomination in the face do not need to be brought to my attention every 3 seconds. My optometrist proscribed me glasses which enable me to enjoy the images projected on screen. It's a fasinating thing really. Though it is nice to know that if I were to suddenly go blind I would still know if Jason Statham won the Death Race or not.

I am going to have a crap load of television to catch up on when I'm done. Im super bummed that I can't watch Breaking Bad this season or Dexter when that starts up in October. It took me almost 3 months to watch Star Wars. Thats saying something! And don't even get me started on Anime. Good lord.

(Side note: The crazy person sitting next to me is mumbling all sorts of nonsense and staring at the computer in complete disbelief. The beginning of 2001 Space Oddysey comes to mind. If she starts clubbing the computer with a blunt object, I'm out)

What has been nice though is that without all the television to take up my time I have been doing a lot of reading. I finished The Hunger Games trilogy in about 2 weeks which was a great series! Also read Jurassic Park, Water for Elephants, and two True Blood books. Just can't seem to put them down.

I love where I'm at right now. I have met some amazing people and made a lot of great friends. Some I hope will still be friends with after all this is over.

Well the crazy lady has gotten on my last nerve and I can't concentrate while she's babbling incoherently. Til next time folks...

90 days sober this Wednesday!

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bluedrakon said...

Nice to hear the road is still clear and you are moving forward. We all know it can be rough, but it sounds like it is smooth sailing for you.

I just got a bunch of manga at the Borders is closing sale, so will be busy with that. Still need to catch up on some anime myself, not too much into the tv shows, so that I can cruise through.