Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have never really counted how many posts I have done. It only shows you after the login screen but on my main computer I always had everything already saved so it would go right to the blog. Well lucky for me this spare computer (which is sucking ass and I feel is going to crash at any moment) I haven't saved my passwords so when I signed into blogspot just now it said I had posted a total of 99 blogs.

So that makes this one, 100!

Kinda hard to believe. It says I joined blogspot in October of last year so it's taken me 13 months to make 100 posts. I don't think that's too bad for a n00b. I can't post everyday and I mentioned that towards the beginning, plus I have had several months of downtime due to computer problems. One has to wonder how far I would be had my computer not gimped out on me.

Next post I will have more to say, I just had to dedicate my 100th post to being my 100th post. But here are some things going on with me...

-I will soon be providing reviews for my friend's website. The website is called Openly Lewd Comics and it is your non stop shop for geek related stuff! I will be one of the contributors in the reviews section lending my "talents". I'll keep you updated when it happens.

-I totally fraked my back at work last week and have been a mess ever since. My job involves a lot of manual labor and my doctor said I need to take it easy but that was impossible since my boss was out of town and we were understaffed. Joy!

-I'm going to spend this coming weekend with a few friends in a cabin. I was hoping to get in some snowboarding in at a mountain nearby but I don't think my back is going to handle it. But I'm still excited cuz I think it's just going to be a nice peaceful weekend.

-I have played the fighting game BlazBlue on the PS3 and it's the kind of fighting game I have been waiting for for a long time. Awesome 2-d fighting! I'll get more into that later. Dragon Age comes first!

Well that's all for now. Happy 100th!


phossil said...

congratz man. Keep the good work blogging ^^

Seantaku said...

Thanx buddy! You too!

Bluedrakon said...

congrats on reaching that - hope it doesn't take another year to reach the next 100