Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crazy Weather

I'm not one of those guys that goes around spouting stuff about Global Warming or anything but you would have to be insane to not notice something is definitely going on here.

When I was a kid we would get out of school due to snow all the time! When winter came around you better believe there would be snow. There were a few years where we actually had blizzards that would keep us out of school for days! It was truly awesome. I don't think it ever snowed on Christmas here, which always disappointed me, but at least it snowed. These past few years I've just been disappointed by the lack of snow in general.

Rukia in Hoth Gear...

The past week or so has been a good example of what I'm talking about. Since I'm constantly walking outside at my job I get a feel for the weather and have to dress appropriately. Last Thursday and Friday was ass freezing. We had these incredibly strong winds too which made it almost unbearable to be outside. 2 days ago I was wearing a t-shirt outside! A t-shirt in December. That just has wrong written all over it. Then yesterday I was all bundled up again to walk my dog in the cold. I shouldn't be wearing a t-shirt one day and a hoodie and jacket the next. It's just not right.

Our biggest concern these days is ice. It will rain on a warm Dec/Jan day and then over night it drops 40 degrees and freezes over. So lame. As most of you know I love the cold. So you can understand my anger when it's 75 degrees out on a day in December. It's warm for more than half the year! Give me the few months I need of chilly weather so I too can be as happy as you normal people in the warmer months! It's all I ask.

My dog and I enjoy the cold weather...

My dog loves the snow but he never really gets to play in it as much as I would like him too. It sucks that we are pretty much destroying this planet, it really does. I've only seen part of An Inconvenient Truth but what I saw blew my mind. I hate to say it but I think Gore is onto something. lol.

That's enough ranting for now. Time to walk the dog. Haven't been outside yet so don't know if I should wear a shirt or hoodie. Guess I'll find out...

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