Monday, July 9, 2012


I've decided to keep a log while I'm taking care of my friend's cat...

9:57 AM
Friend drops off cat at my house along with food, litter box, treats, and other assorted cat goodies. The cat, Midnight, casts cold, dark stares in my direction. His fur, as black as the cape off a Sith Lord, shines from the rays of sunlight creeping through the nearby window. I am assured by my friend I have nothing to worry about and that we will have a "great time" though I am skeptical. A quick glance into Midnight's yellow eyes tells me to feel differently.

10:07 AM
Friend asks what my plans are for the day and although my back is in crucial pain, I jokingly mention the cat and I will play "Circle of Life." A slight chill ran down my neck as soon as the words escaped my lips as Midnight shot me a look that could only translate to "The fuck we are." It was so quick I couldn't be certain and just chalked it up to my imagination.

12:02 PM
My "decorative" Spider-man pillow mysteriously moved from the couch to my bed. Cat is unfazed but seems to relish in my confusion.

12:46 PM
Spider-man pillow now flipped over from Spider-man Red side to Spider-man Black Suit side in what I can only assume is some cryptic message foreshadowing my future downfall.

3:47 PM
While playing Fallout: New Vegas I left the Playstation 3 paused for a moment while I visited the restroom. Upon my return, a save file had been deleted and my character had lost 15 karma points for detonating a rocket. Midnight, perched on the television set, rested peacefully...

6:01 PM
I return home from the grocery store to the aroma of freshly baked.... something. As I rounded the corner I was surprised to find a warm pizza waiting for me on the kitchen table, a Monster Energy Drink can, already opened, sat next to it, beads of condensation dripping down the sides. Assuming my room mate had returned home from work and had cooked himself a nice dinner, I was shocked to immediately hear the front door unlock and my room mate stroll in behind me. I asked him if the pizza was his and he explained he had been at work all day and was just now arriving home. Not wanting to sound crazy, I admitted to making it myself, and introduced him to our new house guest Midnight, who was playfully batting around the Spider-man pillow on the couch.

The same Spider-man pillow that is normally upstairs...

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bluedrakon said...

LOL - We have a cats and they are a mysterious mix of everything.

Didn't know cats like pizza, but I guess it may of been made for the mice whom it would happily pounce on.

Could it be Shakira from the pages of Warlord at DC COmics???